Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson Name Their Baby Boy Ace Knute (Pronounced Ka-nute). Really.

Mention Ace and then snap your fingers a few times, like you forgot what comes next. Someone’s bound to chime in with:
“Ace Ventura, Pet Detective” a movie about a goofy detective who searches for missing animals played by Jim Carrey. For that reason, Ace isn’t the kind of name you’d give your child without the insurance of a middle name that would give him a safe haven from teasers and bullies. So the choice of Knute (pronounced ka-nute) is problematical, to say the least.

Knute (pronounced with a silent “k”) Rockne was the name of a Notre Dame football coach who famously asked a substitute to go into the game and “win one for the Gipper.” But, king Canute (pronounced ka-nute) was a Viking who ruled England, Denmark, Norway and parts of Sweden in 1016. So, why give a kid named Ace a middle name that is bound to be mispronounced and/or misspelled 9 times out of ten? If the poor kid decides to drop his first and middle name and go by Johnson, he won’t be too happy to learn that’s a slang term for a man’s you-know-what.

It always gives me a warm feeling to read someone was named after a relative (in this case Knute Johnson was the baby’s Swedish paternal grandfather), but picking a name that may make a child miserable won’t give the child a warm feeling. Which is why I give the name Ace Knute Johnson two thumbs down.

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