Kanye and Kim Really Did Name their Baby Girl North West. (I Saw the Birth Certificate.)

Like “Birthers” who refused to believe President Barack Obama was born in the U.S. until they saw his birth certificate, I refused to believe that Kim and Kanye had actually named their baby girl North West until I saw the birth certificate in a CNN article by Ed Payne on Sunday, June 23—more than 7 days after their daughter, who now has a joke for a name, was born.

A lot of the articles announcing the news contain jokes that are swirling around cyberspace about North West–few (if any) of which are funny. That’s also how I feel about North West: It’s a joke that wasn’t funny when Kanye West mentioned it during an interview with Jay Leno about three months ago; and it still isn’t funny—-which means it will be included in lists of stupid celebrity names along with Pilot Inspektor, Blue Ivy, Apple, Dweezil, and Bronx Mowgli (among others) that aren’t funny either.

If you thought Kim and Kanye were going to get serious, at some point, and come up with a name their baby girl could live happily with, you overestimated them. My verdict: two thumbs and ten toes down.

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