Kim and Kanye’s Baby’s Name Is Still a Mystery, Though She Was Born June 15

Although the name of Kim and Kanye’s baby daughter has not been officially announced by the couple (though she was born on Saturday, June 15) a nurse at Los Angeles Cedars-Sinai hospital leaked “news” that the couple had settled on Kaidence Donda North. (Donda is the given name of Kanye’s mother.)

Another rumor leaked by a “family insider” suggests that the baby’s name was Kai Georgia Donda West. (Georgia is a female version of Kanye’s father’s middle name.)

Though we don’t know, for sure, what Kim and Kanye’s daughter’s name is (or even if they have picked a name yet), rumors abound as they negotiate a deal to sell baby-photo publishing rights and consider a variety of publicity “announcement” strategies.

Since we don’t know the real name of the baby, there’s no point in discussing the merits of any of the names that have been leaked or rumored. But it seems worth noting that the couple’s campaign to milk their baby’s name for personal gain continues, unabated, three months after Kanye West jokingly suggested naming the baby North West on national TV. And until they announce their baby girl’s name, rumors will continue to swirl through cyberspace.

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