Kim and Kanye’s Callous Baby-Naming Publicity Campaign Continues

I just received four news reports about the latest in Kim and Kanye’s successful campaign to turn the future birth of their baby into valuable publicity for themselves. In my last note, I suggested that North (a name proposed by Kanye) was so bad that Kim should veto it and then they could claim that the rumor was a spoof on over-the-top celebrity baby-naming ego trips.

Well their over-the-top, ego-tripping publicity campaign continues. Now it’s Kim’s turn to propose silly options:

  • Giving the baby a name that begins with K: Khrist (Christ spelled with a K).
  • If the baby is a girl, naming her Easton West. (An idea that is almost as silly as North West.)

No, they are not “spoofing” the self-indulgent practice of celebrities who give their babies ridiculous names. They are escalating the concept of using baby names for publicity. Now, both Kim and Kanye are doing it. Fact is, they are implementing a well-planned and highly successful publicity campaign using the tactic of proposing silly names for the baby they expect in July.

And they continue to receive millions of publicity impressions every time they come up with another ludicrous  name. Although they are not the first celebrity couple to use their babies’ names to increase their own notoriety, they have raised the “art” of baby-name publicity exploitation to new heights.

Some publicists believe there is no such thing as “bad publicity.” I suppose that’s true for celebrities who don’t care what people think of them–or what their child will think of them when he or she winds up  with North West, Easton West, Khrist West or some other embarrassing name.

When most people hear about celebrity babies with outlandish  names, they say, “What were their parents thinking?” Now we know what Kim and Kanye are thinking. They are proposing lame baby names so people will wonder whether they could possibly be so clueless and callous as to actually use them. Based on their behavior to date, the answer appears to be: yes. And because people believe they just might pick a ridiculous name for their baby, their publicity campaign is racking up huge exposure. People are wondering, what will they come up with  next? Not because they think Kim and Kanye are creative and funny; but because Kim and Kanye seem so desperate to do anything for a mention in the media.

Unfortunately for Kim and Kanye, their campaign works precisely because they’ve convinced the American public they think picking a loony name for their child would be funny. They still don’t seem to understand that the joke is on them. They seem determined to lead the list of celebrities who are famous for their bad judgment. And in that respect, their crazy campaign is working.

© 2013 Bruce Lansky
All rights reserved. No part of this article may be reproduced without proper notice of copyright.

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