North West: The Name Kanye West Is Contemplating for His Baby Boy

Yesterday I received three news reports from different sources about the name Kanye West has been considering, in public, for the baby he and Kim Kardashian (aka “Kimye”) are expecting in July.

There are two issues that merit discussion: the “jokey” name he is contemplating, and West’s candor about his completely un-serious approach to the process of baby-naming.

  • reports that “Kanye West and Kim Kardashian like to think of themselves as trendsetters.”
  • reports that “the rapper wants to show his sense of humour by naming the tot North West. A source told ‘The Sun’ newspaper: ‘Kanye’s ego is something else…'”
  • “International Business Times” may have the most realistic take on speculation about “Kimye’s” baby boy: “But naming the baby North could just be a joke West is trying to play on fans. He’s also reportedly planning on naming his new album “I Am God,” something else Kardashian might have a problem with. As of now he’s just toying with the idea.”

So we don’t really know what “Kimye” will name their baby boy. What we do know is that treating the matter as a big joke, trying to establish “trendsetter” status by picking a ridiculous name, and injecting parental ego into the naming process is bound to produce a ridiculous result that will be a millstone around the child’s neck for life.

What has attracted me to this issue (even though it may be a prenatal joke) is West’s admittedly jokey and self-indulgent approach to baby-naming which can also be deduced from “What were they thinking?” names other celebrities have given their babies over the years from Apple to Dweezil to Pilot Inspektor and Zuma Nesta Rock.

If Kim doesn’t put an end to the farce by vetoing North West, I’ll have to give it two thumbs down. (Because the joke would be on Kanye, Kim and North.) However, if it turns out to be a purposeful spoof of everything that’s wrong with celebrity baby-naming, and, at the last minute they give their boy a reasonable name, I’ll applaud their joke and their judgement.

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