Dear Bruce: What is “baby name regret” and what causes it?

Dear Bruce,

What is “baby name regret” and what causes it?

Bruce: Parents who receive negative feedback when they announce their baby’s name may regret the choice soon after making it. However, sometimes it takes a couple of years (or perhaps a decade or two) before a parent discovers that the name they selected was a mistake. You may have selected a very formal name (like Honor) but discovered how awkward it sounds to calm a crying baby Honor because there are no endearing nicknames for that name. You may love the name Elizabeth, but hate it when your daughter is called Beth. Conversely, a name like Missy may work beautifully when she is young, but she may wish for a more “adult” name to put on her college application. Dick may work well—until your son finds out how mean his friends can be when they use that name for teasing. The best way to prevent baby name regret is to consider the practical consequences of selecting the names you like best.

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