Bruce Lansky Launches New Baby Name Blog with an Appearance on “Twin Cities Live” (KSTP-TV)

For Immediate Release:

Bruce Lansky was writing an article for a new baby-naming blog when publicist Sara Lien called him to say, “‘Twin Cities Live’ wants you for an interview next week. Can you do it?” Lansky responded, “Let’s delay the TV show until our new blog ( is ready for public viewing.”

Now Lansky’s new blog site is finally ready, with seven new articles plus some of his most popular material (with more content being published almost every day) about:

  • Advice on picking a great name for your baby
  • Unusual baby names in the news
  • Celebrity baby name reviews
  • The latest baby-naming trends
  • Baby-name research

In addition to new celebrity baby name blogs (on Shakira, Uma Thurman, plus William and Kate’s royal baby-to-be), Lansky launched a “Dear Bruce” Q-and-A column based on questions sent to him by blog-site visitors and savvy media contacts.

What else is new? Lansky’s latest articles are fresher, edgier and more entertaining. When asked about his style, Lansky opined, “I used to have four editors who thought the #1 author of baby-name books should play it safe. Now, I only have one, and we’re both willing to take risks to create blogs that are fun to read.”

Lansky’s sense of humor and practical baby-naming advice are both on display in the “Twin Cities Live” video that can be found in the “Media Appearances” section of the blog.

© 2013 Bruce Lansky
All rights reserved. No part of this article may be reproduced without proper notice of copyright.

4 thoughts on “Bruce Lansky Launches New Baby Name Blog with an Appearance on “Twin Cities Live” (KSTP-TV)

    • When I got your welcoming note, it was like a new neighbor knocking on my door to bring some chocolate chip cookies
      or a tuna casserole as a welcoming gesture. Except the blogosphere isn’t like a suburb of Minneapolis–it’s more
      like a place that’s located somewhere between Venus and Mars. I’m shocked that someone from the blogosphere could
      communicate in a tongue I could undersand. How really nice of you.

      Thought you might like to know that I’m starting to learn a few more things from my SM (not sado-masochistic) coach and
      from Dana. So, I’m trying a few different things and some of them are working. It’s kind of fun to publish some posts or
      send out some tweets that produce a response.

  1. Totally agree — it’s a lot of fun to get a response. To a post, to a tweet…to anything, really. It’s just nice to know that people are following along and care enough to add to the conversation.

    My first few months of blogging, I didn’t get much response at all. I was talking to an empty room. I really appreciated it when people started dropping by and leaving comments.

    Glad to hear social media is working out for you! SM can really be a powerful audience-building tool, if you do it right. Or so I’ve seen. I’m certainly not using it was wisely as I could be, so I’m not one to talk. 🙂

  2. Just found an “evergreen” article you wrote in 2009 on NBN that I decided to “re-blog.” It’s the article about boys’ names unlikely to become popular for girls. I think the advice is excellent. Hope I did it the right way.

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