Dear Bruce: How Do I Pick a Name for a Second Child?

Dear Bruce,

I am 37 weeks pregnant with a boy on the way. We do not have any boy names picked out. We have a son named Gabe and we know that we want the middle name to be Craig after my father. Do you have any suggestions that will go with Craig for a first name?


Bruce: In my article about naming siblings, “Names That ‘Go Together’ Create a Sense of Unity,” I suggest using themes as a creative strategy for connecting the names of the siblings.

Two quick ‘n easy themes are: starting both names with the same letter (G) or using the same origin or source for both names. Since Gabriel is an Old Testament (Hebrew) name, try that. Two 5-star Old Testament names that would work are David or Daniel. And your son would have the benefit of very cool initials: D.C.

If that doesn’t do anything for you, think of names that start with G like Gordon, Gary, Garrison, and Gomer (just kidding), until you find one you like. Using that theme, your son’s initials would be G.C. (Not quite as cool as D.C., but not bad.)

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